• 2015 Wisconsin Pecans seed crop are now available!

Welcome to Magicland Farms’ Online Store!

We’re Back! Sorry for being offline for a bit. We had some site problems during a busy time of the year for us so we had to take down the site until we had time to fix it.

Our new crop of Wisconsin Pecans seed nuts are out for sale! (Click HERE to see the product page)

If you have visited our website (Our main website is still down. hope to have it fixed later this month) you probably already know we grow and sell a wide variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables.  While we primarily sell the produce we grow at our roadside farm market near Fremont, Michigan we have, through our website, sold the super-hardy Wisconsin strain of pecan seed nuts online.  We have also sold the huge King Hickory seed nuts (aka Shellbark Hickory).


Thank you,
Matthew Fox