Wisconsin Pecans 2016 crop

Wisconsin Pecans

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UPDATE: There will be no 2016 season pecan seeds up for sale. Unfortunately, the squirrel pressure in 2016 caused us to loose most of our crop. Come back next year to see if we have any available! 

Wisconsin pecans the hardiest of all pecans!  Capable of producing a edible crop of delicious pecan nuts even in zone 5a. Not like other hardy strains that will grow fine in zone 5a, but will never produce a filled out nut!

The seeds we are offering are from descendants of wild Wisconsin pecan trees grown on our farm, Magicland Farms (

Here’s a article if you are interested you can read more on the Wisconsin Pecans HERE.

Note November 20, 2015:  The germination rate is unknown for the 2015 pecan crop.  We wont be testing the 2015 seed until some time in the spring of 2016.  Last years crop (2014) had a rate between 50% and 60%.  This years crop looks similar to the 2013 crop that had a 90% germination rate)

Check out this video on how to plant the pecans.

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